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Proper tire maintenance is an important safety function often neglected.  The importance of properly maintaining your tires cannot be overemphasized.  Remember, tires are the only contact between your vehicle and the road.

Replacing tires can be complicated since there may be multiple tire options to fit your vehicle. The tires originally supplied on your vehicle are referred to as original equipment (OE) tires. Your vehicle manufacturer determines the proper OE tire size, speed rating, load range, etc. For this reason you should refer to your owner’s manual prior to replacing any tires. There are times when acceptable options exist to change a tire size or type on your vehicle. However, you should always refer to your owner’s manual and rely on an authorized tire retailer for expert advice to ensure safe and legal fitments for any tire choices.

The most important aspect of tire maintenance is proper inflation of your tires. 75% of drivers wash their cars monthly while only 1 out of 7 (14%) correctly checks tire pressure. The air pressure should be checked on all tires, including the spare, at least once a month. Regular rotation of your tires will also help prevent irregular and premature wear. 40% of drivers have not rotated their tires within the recommended interval of at least 8,000 miles. A healthy habit many people follow is to rotate their tires with every oil change.

Tire Safety Tips
• Tires can lose one psi (pounds per square inch) per month under normal conditions.
• The eye can deceive you, so rely on a good tire gauge for an accurate reading.
• Look for the manufacturer's recommended air pressure listed on the sticker of your vehicle's door jamb or owner's manual.
• Always check your air pressure to make sure it's up to standards, especially if you're carrying extra weight.
• Lower pressure increases heat. Damaging heat increases as inflation pressure drops.
• Place a penny upside down in the tire, If you can see the top of Lincoln's head the treads are worn and need replacing.

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